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A Review On 2019 Blockbuster Hollywood Film "Joker"

Todd Phillips’ standalone supervillain origin story Joker is arriving in theaters in the middle of such tons of controversy. It's been charming to watch the dialogue around the movie shift from "Do we genuinely need every other Joker story so soon after Suicide Squad?" to "Is Joker full of dangerous ideas that will spur its worst followers to murder?" The fundamental issues around Joker assumed the movie would be unnecessary, and it has an impact on negligible.

The film is a complete self-pitying fantasy, certainly. Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver comply with the footsteps of Joel Schumacher’s 1993 drama Falling in portraying the world as a cartoon darkish and uncaring place. Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, who is a part-time rent-a-clown working for a seedy Genius agency full of exaggerated grotesques. Arthur is mentally ill and coping with meds and court-ordered therapy, which don’t offer alleviation or signify caring. He is living with his sick mom Penny (Frances Conroy), who’s influenced him to see himself as a joyous light in the world, bringing laughter to the people.

But the real point is that he is not just funny but also painfully awkward. He shies away in public because his erratic behavior feels like it could turn risky or at least uncomfortable for them. It is easy for viewers to empathize with his desire to be loved, without always loving him. When he says he feels invisible, it is clear why: he's the sort of individual people seem to be away from on the street, out of apathy or active discomfort.

That anxiety between sympathy and disgust is one of the most truthful things about Joker. While working as a sign-twirler, Arthur is randomly beaten by some kids who steal his signboard and then wreck it over his head. The dramatic ironies and injustices compound throughout the film until it is clear that Arthur isn’t paranoid, the world without a doubt is out to get him. And then he takes violent and irrevocable action.

For some people, Joker is a consciously ugly film, visually and emotionally. Phoenix’s overall performance is hypnotic as he spirals from fragile hope into increasingly more outsized and assured acts of destruction. He made his way to kill all those people in his life who made fun of him at some point in his life, rejected him brutally, or lie to him. There comes a spot in the film, where he even killed his mother because he lies to him throughout his whole life by not telling him that he was adopted.

The story is not concerned with society's regulations but is often focusing upon the mental health concerns of Arthur, which he has been facing all his life.

The performance of Phoenix as Arthur has been incredibly loved by the audience, where they did take the whole storyline of the film a lot of inspiration to watch all over again. What is your opinion about it?

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